SmartMat is Hiring!

SmartMat is a fitness-technology company making working out at home smarter and more accessible, starting with the world's first intelligent yoga mat.

VentureBeat and WIRED both described SmartMat as the "stand-out product" of CES . We've been talked about in TechCrunch, MarketWatch, Mashable, PSFK, MacWorld, and a bunch more. We're pioneering the future of fitness-tech and are looking for brilliant people to join us. Are you in?

At SmartMat we are building awesome intelligent machinery that is changing the world. SmartMat is hiring for exciting out-of-the-box positions in our Bangkok Thailand Office/SmartStudio . Come join the world’s leader in quantitative fitness in one of the most exciting and fastest growing global cities.

These positions will require being located/relocated to Bangkok as during our product development push, being in the same room with your team is paramount.

Come and Join us to complete our V1 public release and take our place as a world leader in responsive fitness.

As of January 2018, the following position are open:

Ready to apply?
Please submit your resume, work samples, projects/portfolio to us at [email protected]