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Lead Product Manager

We're hiring! This is a position for those in the leaders mindset excited at the possibilities of solving abstract problems and improving on them. If you are the type of person that needs a “list” every day to implement and then shuts your mind off at the end of the day, this is likely not the role for you.

You will be working directly in the same pathways as the founders working daily with SmartMat and The App. Your general role will be to “make the app a compelling experience”

Practically this means being in our SmartStudio daily with our engineering staff, our Yoga Lead and whoever the visiting Yogi of the day is and recording their use of SmartMat and the App, seeing where it errs, where it can be improved and then relaying this information to our engineering and design staff.

There is lots of testing, lots of breaking and lots of fixing.

The specific requirements for Product Manager is first of all you need to have a solid understanding of the Yoga industry and Asana. Being a certified Yoga instructor is not required, however you should have a love of the art and some sort of personal practice as you will be immersed in it daily.

Moreso you will need to have a good feeling working with technology and the nunances of such. No specific technical skills are required, however you should be the type of person that if “something doesn’t work right” than you just don’t put it down and walk away and file a support ticket, rather you can look at the tech and troubleshoot yourself.

Lastly this position requires somewhat of an artistisc touch -as we will be developing the App to provide an “amazing experience” - meaning that there is not a specific definition of this , but things like when the sound plays for what action, how does the font look on corrections, do the arrows need to be blue or red? These are all critical. We are offering competitive salary, equity in the company and possible assistance with relocation and work permits in Bangkok.

If you would like to apply for this position, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Product Manager Application” and send your CV and a cover letter that answers the following 3 questions

1- When would you be ready for work in Bangkok?
2- What excites you about living in BKK (other than working for SmartMat)
3- If you were on a hike in the forest with your best friend and lost one of your shoes what would you do? Keep in mind that you have another pair of shoes in the car and it is an hour walk back and it is currently mid-day.

Sounds like you?

Get in touch with us right away, and let's make magic happen!
Please submit your resume, work samples, projects/portfolio to us at [email protected]